A New 2020 3D Vision of the Northern Vulcan sub-basin: NEWS RELEASE 28th January 2020

MCR is pleased to announce that the NOVAR Phase 2 PreSDM reprocessing project is on track for completion early June with interim data available from February

The Phase 2 dataset extends the NOVAR survey northeast across the Nancar Trough & Laminaria-Corallina-Buffalo oil fields and incorporates the merging and reprocessing of over 7,000km2 of 3D marine seismic data from five legacy 3D surveys (Onnia, Onnia Extension, Karmt, Buffalo & Laminaria).

As for Phase 1, the data is being processed through a comprehensive broadband, pre-stack depth migrated workflow including source and receiver deghosting, 3D SWSRME/SRME, Tau-P deconvolution, high resolution Radon demultiple, 3D Interbed Multiple Elimination (IME), five iterations of reflection / refraction tomography and Anisotropic Kirchhoff TTI PreSDM.

In addition, the Phase 2 reprocessing includes FWI to improve subsurface imaging below the extensive distribution of shallow carbonate reefs in the area.

An interim VMB2 grid migrated volume will be available mid-February.

The combined NOVAR Phase 1 & 2 provides a superlative 3D reference dataset comprising of 15,000 km2 seamless PreSDM reprocessed data over the northern Vulcan sub-basin, northwest Londonderry High, Nancar Trough and Laminaria High.

Unlocking areas where exploration has been stalled for many years due to previous seismic imaging issues.

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