“Imaging Australia’s Energy Resources”

MCR is an Australian multi-client company that specialises in the development, management, promotion and delivery of high quality non-exclusive geophysical data products and services to the oil and gas industry.

MCR is a results focused company that uses leading edge geoscience technologies to improve finding and developing natural energy resources. Using an innovative approach of integrating technologies with adaptable business models to provide cost effective value enhancement products and solutions.
Based in Perth Australia, MCR’s geographical focus areas are primarily within Australia and Southeast Asia.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce enhanced geophysical products and solutions for E&P companies to increase exploration success, reduce finding costs and secure a sustainable energy supply.

What We Do

MCR specialises in the design, planning, preparation, execution, promotion and sales of multi-client seismic surveys and enhanced derivative products.

Our Australia Multi-Client 3D Projects

MCR has produced two very large 3D seismic reprocessing projects in the Vulcan Sub-Basin and the Northern Carnarvon Basin of Australia’s Northwest Shelf.

The NOVAR and BEX MC3D surveys cover a combined area of 43,200 sq km incorporating 34 legacy 3D surveys reprocessed through a high order broadband, pre-stack depth migrated processing sequence with FWI imaging. These superlative, basin-wide, seamless 3D seismic datasets are designed for E&P companies to undertake a more extensive evaluation of the remaining hydrocarbon potential in and around existing fields and infrastructure as well as identifying potential CCUS projects.

Our Australia Multi-Client 3D Projects


MCR supports a cleaner energy future as demonstrated by the NOVAR and BEX MC3D reprocessing projects which applied technology-neutral approaches to exploration data acquisition (avoiding seismic surveying), creating more value from renewed seismic imaging for exploration and development of natural resources within producing basins. The multi-client business model allows multiple E&P companies to use the same data, thereby reducing the requirement for conducting additional seismic surveying and significantly reducing impacts on the environment.


Stephen Doyle

Stephen Doyle
Managing Director

Stephen is a geophysicist with over 35 years international experience in the upstream oil and gas industry where he has held several senior executive positions for which he was responsible for the development and management of new business strategy, optimisation of value creation and business growth across a variety of product lines.

His extensive experience has seen him working globally with PGS and Polarcus DMCC. In addition, he has held senior executive roles with oil and gas operating companies.

Stephen founded MCR in 2018

Karen Cashford

Karen Cashford
Non-Executive Director

Karen is a co-founder of MCR. She has held senior administrative management roles across a broad range of industries including Communications, Oil & Gas, Gold & Nickel Mining, Finance, Real Estate and Fashion. Karen’s global experience was gained while working in the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

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