HiFWI Seismic Well Tie Survey – Exmouth Plateau

Exmouth Plateau Integrated 2D FWI (75Hz) & Rock Physics Well Tie Atlas

  • High definition basin wide well tie survey
  • Comprises 3 regional dip and 2 strike lines totaling 1,200 km
  • Advanced seismic reprocessing (2018)
  • PreSDM & high frequency FWI(75Hz)
  • Integrates with DUG Exmouth Plateau petrophysics, rock physics & stochastic modeling study
  • Ties DUG study wells over 10 gas fields
  • The FWI derived velocity model allows for a highly detailed stratigraphic interpretation


The combination of a petrophysics, rock physics & stochastic modeling integrated with a basin wide
pre-stack depth migrated seismic framework and high frequency full waveform inversion, provides
for a comprehensive quantitative interpretation of the petroleum potential across the Exmouth Plateau.

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