1st February 2021 MCR Announces BEX Multi-Client 3D Advanced Reprocessing Project – Northern Carnarvon Basin, Australia

Multi-Client Resources (MCR), in collaboration with DUG, has commenced a very large 3D seismic reprocessing project over the hydrocarbon prolific Northern Carnarvon Basin, Northwest Shelf, Australia.

The Barrow-Exmouth “BEX” Multi-Client 3D Project incorporates 23 legacy 3D surveys, reprocessed using DUG’s advanced Broadband, least-squares anisotropic PreSDM and high frequency FWI imaging technology to produce one seamless 26,400 square kilometer 3D seismic dataset over the major gas producing fairways of the Barrow Sub-basin and Exmouth Plateau.

The BEX MC3D survey covers large tracts of high impact Petroleum Acreage Release areas, field development and production acreage. The data will be available for E&P companies to undertake a more extensive evaluation of the remaining hydrocarbon potential in and around existing fields and infrastructure; improve delineation of existing prospects, reveal previously unrecognised traps, identify by-passed hydrocarbons and address field tie-back potential.

Stephen Doyle, Managing Director at MCR, commented, “We are pleased to work with DUG on this very large-scale project that addresses an industry focused on more for less, where we are able to create more value from renewed seismic imaging to enhance petroleum exploration and recovery with minimal impact on the environment.”

Matthew Lamont, Managing Director at DUG, commented, “DUG is excited to collaborate with MCR on the BEX MC3D project, bringing leading-edge imaging technology to Australian waters. Modern high-end imaging algorithms are unlocking tremendous value from legacy 3D surveys and DUG is excited to work with MCR to show this uplift to the industry.”


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