Vulcan Sub-Basin Zeppelin & Onnia 3D Reprocessing

Project Overview

  • A 2017 PreSDM reprocessing of part Onnia (1998) & Zeppelin (2012) legacy 3D surveys delivering a consistent 2,450km2 enhanced 3D imaging over the Montara Terrace and Anson/Talbot Horst on the eastern margin of the Vulcan Sub-Basin
  • The surveys were binned separately and processed through DUG’s advanced de-ghosting, de-multiple flow and combined into a multi-azimuth anisotropic PreSDM
  • Enhanced seismic imaging has increased confidence of existing leads and prospects and is expected to reveal previously unrecognised traps as well as open up new plays in the area
  • Data available over Potential 2019 Acreage Release blocks
  • Covers the Montara field, ties key exploration wells over held and open permits where proven oil & gas plays are known to exist within the Cretaceous, Jurassic and Triassic objectives
  • Petrophysics, Rock Physics & stochastic modelling study available independent of seismic data
  • Simultaneous Inversion products & QI study available with seismic data

Processing Parameters

Processing parameters include:

  • DUG Broad deghosting – receiver then source deghosting
  • Shallow Water Demultiple (SWaMP)
  • Surface Related Multiple Eliminator (SRME)
  • Interbed Multiple Eliminator (IME)
  • 4D Regularisation (DUG Reg)
  • Depth domain tomography (5 iterations)
  • Kirchhoff TTI Anisotropic pre-stack depth migration

Deliverables & Timing

  • Image gathers post migration
  • Full fold stacks & angle stacks in time & depth
  • Simultaneous Inversion – extensive suite of products
  • Petrophysics, Rock Physics & stochastic modelling study for 19 wells
  • QI Study

Legacy data

ZEPON MC3D Reprocessed (2017)

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